Major Update on Future Plans for the WWE Title, Why John Cena Was Moved to Raw and Creative Changes *Spoilers*

As we noted earlier today, via, John Cena vs Roman Reigns will be taking place at WWE No Mercy as Cena informed WWE yesterday that his “Bumblebee” filming schedule will not allow him to wrestle beyond No Mercy, until he is finished with the movie.

DirtySheets is now reporting that the main reason why Cena was moved to the Raw brand as a “free agent” in WWE, is so that he could feud with Roman Reigns while Brock Lesnar is off TV. Lesnar’s final PPV bout of this year is expected to be at No Mercy. However, when Cena informed WWE of his filming schedule, plans beyond No Mercy will have to be changed.

Once Cena is finished filming the movie, and can return to WWE TV, the company has plans for Cena to return to WWE Smackdown and defeat Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship. This is yet another reason why Cena vs Reigns is taking place at No Mercy, as long term plans do not call for Cena to return to Raw after his movie.