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John Cena Shooting On Roman Reigns: Success & Purpose Behind It

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This CSR video is all about the segment on Monday Night RAW featuring John Cena shooting on Roman Reigns and then “The Big Dog” giving it back. Here’s an excerpt of our conversation on it:

Justin LaBar: When you get into those situations with Cena, he thrives on those. Many of Cena’s promos around the year when he makes his return from being gone for a few months he’s due for a promo where he brings in the insider terms of I’m going to bury everyone and everyone wants a heel turn. Roman Reigns, this was tough for him but I do believe Cena knew what he was putting Reigns in and baptism by fire where Cena knows Reigns is going to be the next guy to fill his role so he needs to push Reigns, make it hard and for Reigns to rise to that challenge.

Juice Springsteen: Cena, Rock, Punk— those guys have thrived on these type of promos. Reigns just hasn’t gotten there yet. Being thrown in, after the one mess up forgetting his line, I think he composed himself.

The promo being needed because of the quick build and what’s coming next. See the full conversation in the video below: