WWE Smackdown Results (9/12): Mr. McMahon Returns, 3 Big Championship Matches, Sin City Street Fight & More

wwe smackdown results

WWE Smackdown Results

September 12, 2017

Tom Phillips welcomes us to Smackdown Live, alongside Byron Saxton and Corey Graves for what may be the biggest Tuesday night in wrestling all year. Vince McMahon will return to confront Kevin Owens after last week’s unsanctioned brawl with Shane O’Mac, as the self-proclaimed “Face of America” threatens to sue the entire company out from under the McMahon family. Plus we’ve got three big championship matches as Naomi gets her SummerSlam return for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, The Usos defend against The New Day in a Las Vegas Street Fight, and AJ Styles puts the U.S. title on the line against Tye Dillinger.

In-Ring Segment

Kevin Owens is out to start the show. He announces that he is suing the WWE, Daniel Bryan, the entire McMahon family and everyone it takes until Smackdown doesn’t exist anymore, and all that is left is the Kevin Owens Show. He wants to make a few changes, starting with firing Sami Zayn and making Saxton and Phillips wear the same suit (not two suits that look the same, one suit for two people), since they sound exactly the same on commentary. Owens then says he’s cancelling the Fashion Files, because he doesn’t understand it and it’s stupid. The crowd did not like that. He then says it’s time to get down to business, and calls out Mr. McMahon…

Shane’s music hits and KO freaks out. Dolph Ziggler comes out dressed like Shane and dances around, laughing at the crowd as the two make fun of the McMahons. Ziggler left having accomplished literally nothing, but in his place out came Daniel Bryan! The Smackdown GM hit the ring and said the fun and games are going to be over very soon. Owens pitches the idea of making him the official janitor of WWE. Bryan says he doesn’t mind a bit of manual labor, something that KO should probably try… He announces that Mr. McMahon will be here very soon, and Owens claims that he can’t wait, because he has a lot to say.