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Reaction to NXT, Mae Young Classic & Ronda Rousey In WWE

(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/WireImage)
(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/WireImage)

This video from CSR starts off with Josh Isenberg reacting to the latest in NXT.

Then, Justin LaBar and Juice Springsteen in studio discuss the Mae Young Classic before shifting the conversation to Ronda Rousey in WWE. Here’s an excerpt:

Justin LaBar: Stephanie [McMahon] is an option, it’s unfortunate this wouldn’t be as big of a marquee as Stephanie or the daughter of Ric Flair, but how good could it be to have an undefeated Asuka who has her submission move against Ronda Rousey for the big match? I just don’t think it would sell as many tickets outside the WWE crowd as the other options might.

To see the full conversation, check out the video below: