Chris Masters On WWE Release, Love For Pro Wrestling, Impact Wrestling & More! (Video)

During a recent interview with CLICKON Sports, GFW superstar Chris Masters spoke about everything from his WWE release to his future in the business. Masters, who had two separate stints with WWE, has been slowly rebuilding his career after a few years away from the spotlight.

On his name:

“Masters was given to me on my second week in OVW. I was in the developmental system, and it was Dr Tom Pritchard who told me that I was going to be known as Masters. I was really just happy to be there so I didn’t question it, and I didn’t necessarily think it was cool at first but it grew on me with time.”

On his start in pro wrestling:

“I didn’t even start working out until I decided I was gonna be a pro wrestler, and that was probably around 15 or 16. I remember that the year prior to that I had weightlifting class during first period, and I was just sat there wondering why these guys were trying to lift these heavy weights, like what’s the point?”

On his love for wrestling:

“I was the wrestling nerd throughout that time. I played water polo, which a lot of people don’t take seriously, but it’s a tough sport. I was backyard wrestling when I was a kid, and I’ve been obsessed with this for my entire life.”

On other interests:

“I love politics. I have a very passionate interest about politics and social interests. I’m fascinated by that whole process, and I also love basketball. That’s probably what I used to replace wrestling, and I was searching for something else to watch because you’re so ‘in’ the wrestling world sometimes.”

On his release and CM Punk’s mentioning him on Raw:

“I was heartbroken about the whole thing. I was more heartbroken that it was being taken away from me because I enjoyed it so much. In terms of CM Punk, it was nice because he added that little bit in for me which I knew he actually meant, because he’d pointed it out to me several times. 

I appreciated that, but I also knew it was something that was talked about by the powers that be so I was a little conflicted. I was being used as a storyline.”

On Triple H & current GFW run:

“I was told I was going to get pushed by Hunter and plenty of people, but you know, I’m in a great situation now on Impact Wrestling with Eli Drake. It presents a lot of opportunities, and if I stay on track, stay healthy and I’m able to go out there and do my thing, I think the sky is the limit.”