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Impact Wrestling Results (5/10): Pentagon Jr. Defends The Impact Championship Against Eli Drake, More

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Backstage, Josh Mathews informs us that while Don Callis was receiving a comeback of the year award Sami Callahan brutally attacked him.

During a video package, Callahan says he had to make an example of Callis for throwing in the towel during the “I Quit Match” Callahan was having with Eddie Edwards. Footage of the beatdown is shown. Mathews notes that due to the brutal nature of the attack Impact Officials are currently meeting to determine how to handle Callahan.

DJ Z and Andrew Everett vs LAX

DJ Z and Santana knock each other to the mat. DJ Z and Santana both kip up at the same time. Santana enziguri DJ Z. Ortiz tags in and hits a dead body splash on DJ Z for a near fall. Everett tags in and hits a dropkick off the top on Ortiz. Arm drag off the second rope bu Ortiz. Everett responds with a hurricanrana. Santana and Ortiz land a wheelbarrow cutter on Everett. Everett kicks out. Northern lights suplex by Ortiz. Everett kicks out again. Enziguri by Everett. Everett manages to tag in DJ Z.

DJ Z splashes both members of LAX at the same time. DJ Z tries to double DDT LAX. Santana and Ortiz counter and superkick DJ Z. Everett hits a backflip kick to both members of LAX at the same time. Ortiz powerbombs Everett then hits a DDT. DJ Z DDTs Ortiz. Santana superkicks DJ Z. LAX tries a setup moonsault. Everett gets his knees up. DJ Z kicks Ortiz. Everett hits a step up corkscrew press for a near fall. DJ Z dives onto Ortiz. Ortiz hits a double under hook suplex on DJ Z. LAX goes for the Street sweeper. DJ Z counters into a roll-up for the win.

Winners- DJ Z and Andrew Everett