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Impact Wrestling Results (6/14): Number One Contender Crowned, Sydal Defends Against Cage, Mystery Attacker Revealed, More

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Grado w/Katarina vs …

As Grado is on the ropes posing with Katarina Eddie Edwards hits the ring and hits Grado with a kendo stick Edwards grabs a mic and says last week he had Sami Callihan beaten. Edwards was going to be able to kill Callihan once and for all. Edwards yells that “he” ruined it. Edwards says he is going to expose Tommy Dreamer for the fraud that he is. Edwards demands Dreamer get his fat ass out here. Dream joins Edwards in the ring. Dreamer asks Edwards to calm down. Edwards tells Dreamer to his face that he wanted to end Callihan and Dreamer ruined it all. Dreamer says he stopped his friend from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Dreamer admits to being a hypocrite. Dreamer says they didn’t know about the dangers of head injuries. Edwards wants to know why Dreamer just didn’t let him end it. Edwards says he was going to kill Callihan. Edwards and his wife were going to ride off into the sunset. Edwards admits he hasn’t spoken to his wife in a week. Dreamer says he knows. Edwards pushes Dreamer into the corner and puts the kendo stick to Dreamer’s neck. Edwards wants to know why Dreamer has been talking to Edwards’ wife. Edwards won’t let up. Dreamer pushes Edwards. Dreamer looks distraught. Dreamer helps Edwards up. Edwards beans Dreamer in the head with the kendo stick. Edwards walks up the ramp muttering to himself that Dreamer made him do that.