elimination chamber
Photo Credit: WWE

5 Most Star-Studded Elimination Chamber Matches In WWE History

One of the best things about the Elimination Chamber match is that it’s usually contested between the very best main event talent on a brand or in the company in general. During the original brand split and even in the second edition of it, we’ve seen some of the most star-studded Elimination Chamber matches ever.

It was contested between future legends and current legends and many top stars. It’s always exciting because when you have the company’s best talent trapped inside the gargantuan structure that is the Elimination Chamber, you’re guaranteed a great bout. And to the most part, these contests have been incredible.

Sure, we’ve seen the dud or two time and again, but this was mostly in the period where WWE’s talent pool wasn’t at its strongest. Of late, WWE has done a great job with the Chamber matches, and that’s likely to continue. Let’s take a look at some of the most star-studded chamber matches ever!

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