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Collector’s Corner: WWE Funko POPs – Elias, Undertaker, Becky Lynch, Bret Hart & Trish Stratus (Photos)

This week we take a look at the brand new WWE Funko POPs featuring:

  • Elias
  • Undertaker
  • Becky Lynch
  • Bret Hart
  • Trish Stratus

I got mine from! Some of the best WWE Funko POPs as of late! If you’re addicted to collecting these Funko POPs like me you will want to check out DCToys as they pack and ship them well plus have some awesome prices, especially on the chase bundles when you use discount code GOLDBERG (free shipping) at checkout! Let’s take a look at these awesome figs!

The Packaging

This latest batch is really nice in my opinion as Funko is really stepping up their game on the detail. The boxes are the same as past WWE POPs to my knowledge, sometimes they add little details to the boxes compared to previous ones. The back showcases another “The Man” Becky Lynch in street clothes, which is currently an Amazon and WWE Shop exclusive. Thankfully there are no Chase POPs in this set as those can be very tough to come by but as mentioned DCToys can help with that if you’re ever in that scenario, which is exactly what I do to avoid the hassle of hunting them down or paying crazy prices.


Elias is one of my favorites in this set as the detail on him is great. He of course comes with his guitar, he’s just missing his stool and microphone. He has his scarf on, his signature jeans and scarf as well as his cloth wristbands. For a POP he is quite detailed, even down to the strings on the guitar and even his shoe laces, which are very nice details.


I wasn’t excited to get this even though I’m a Taker fan, but once I opened it I was blown away by the detail on him. His head must be pure plastic as he weighs a ton, but Funko went all out on him. He has all the spikes and jewels molded/sculpted onto his hood and robe, which is what makes him so cool in my opinion. They really put a lot of detail into his robe to give it as authentic of a look as possible. I highly recommend him for any Taker fan as it’s such a cool piece for any collection. He also has his eyes rolled back, which is awesome.

Becky Lynch

Becky looks nice. It looks just like her, of course as a caricature, but Funko really knows how to capture the look of them considering there’s not much detail in their faces. You can just sense “The Man” attitude coming off her. She has the braid in her hair plus molded detail in her outfit and boots, which makes it such a nice POP as well. I’m glad Funko isn’t just painting detail, but actually molding it into their outfits. If you want a Becky in wrestling gear I recommend this one as her other one seen on the box is in street clothes, which is currently available on Amazon and WWE Shop. I didn’t have it yet in time for this review unfortunately. Becky comes with a clear display stand as well if you want to have her on it as seen below but she can stand without it, too, it’s just really personal preference.

Bret Hart

Bret is another awesome one as this one comes in his entrance attire while doing his signature hand gesture while his previous POP was in ring attire. I love the detail on him, too, as he has the shoulder tassels plus the buttons on his jacket. They even painted the jacket a shiny black color to look like his leather jacket. He has his shades on as well but those unfortunately are not removable. Surprised they didn’t make a Chase version with no glasses on now that I think about it as that sounds like something they would do. If you’re a fan of Bret I recommend picking this one up, too.

Trish Stratus

Lastly we have Trish and she looks pretty good, too. They gave her her white top with the pink laces as well as her signature black pants with the “Stratusfaction” logo on it. She even has some high heeled boots on, which I don’t recall her wearing often now that I think about it. She is also doing her pointing pose to mimic her entrance and she comes with a display stand to help hold her up due to having thinner legs and feet but she can stand up on her own if you rather not use it. Her likeness is ok but not as good as some of the others in my opinion.


Overall, this set is pretty good. I like the lineup for the most part. While the POPs do look very nice, I would’ve rather seen more new faces than a repeat of Undertaker and Bret. At least they’re new attires for them but still. It’s always fun to see who gets the Funko POP treatment. As said before, if you want to grab the set head on over to and avoid hunting them down or dealing with poor shipping from places like Amazon. Be sure to use discount code GOLDBERG as well to get you free shipping, too!

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