IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results (2/11/20)

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Best of Five Series: Match 2- Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin

Edwards avoids a basement elbow by Elgin. Edwards rolls up Elgin for a near fall. Edwards dragon screws Elgin in the ropes. Elgin tosses Edwards to the outside. Elgin lays into Edwards with a few stiff elbow shots. Edwards tries to fire up but Elgin blasts him with a dragon suplex. Elgin follows that with a nasty clothesline for a near fall. Edwards surprises Elgin with a dive to the outside. Edwards tosses Elgin back in the ring. Edwards attempts a top rope ranna but Elgin puts on the breaks. Before Elgin can powerbomb Edwards off the top Edwards counters into a ranna. Elgin rolls Edwards into the crossface. Edward counters into a pin. Edwards kicks out. Edwards tries the Boston Knee Party but Elgin ducks. Elgin hits the buckle bomb into the Elgin Bomb for the win.

Winner- Michael Elgin

Elgin 2/Edwards 0

Madman Fulton vs. Daga

Daga tries a sunset flip but Fulton puts on the breaks. Daga tries a ranna but Fulton stuffs that as well. Daga takes Fulton over the top rope. Suicide dive by Daga. After the break, Daga lands a top rope dropkick. Fulton kicks out. Daga lands a DVD. The Crist brother runs down to ringside. Daga takes them both out with a corkscrew splash. Daga dries a tornado DDT but Fulton reverses it into a suplex for the win.

Winner- Madman Fulton

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