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Full Listing Of ECW Supershows Added To WWE Network Today

WWE Network today adds ten more ECW supercards to their streaming lineup. Stemming from home video releases from the company’s glory days, this historical content starts in February 1996 and goes all the up to ECW’s first national PPV, Barely Legal in April of 1997. Below are all the events that subscribers can now enjoy and the main event on each show.


  • Just Another Night – February 23, 1996 – Raven vs. Shane Douglas for the ECW Championship (This is the first “fan cam” show to air on WWE Network)
  • Big Ass Extreme Bash – March 8 and 9, 1996 – 2 Cold Scorpio and The Sandman vs. The Gangstas vs. The Headhunters
  • A Matter of Respect 96 – May 11, 1996 – Tommy Dreamer and The Gangstas vs. Brian Lee and The Eliminators
  • Hardcore Heaven 96 – June 22, 1996 – Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu
  • Heat Wave 96 – July 13, 1996 – Raven’s Nest vs. Terry Gordy, The Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer in a Steel Cage match for the ECW Championship
  • The Doctor Is In – August 3, 1996 – Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu in a Stretcher Match
  • Natural Born Killaz – August 24, 1996 – The Gangstas vs. The Eliminators for the ECW Tag Team Championship
  • November to Remember 96 – November 16, 1996 – Brian Lee and Shane Douglas vs. Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer
  • Crossing The Line Again – February 1, 1997 – The Pitbulls and Tommy Dreamer vs. The Triple Threat
  • CyberSlam 97 – February 21 and 22, 1997 – The Eliminators vs. Rob Van Dam and Sabu in a Tables and Ladders Match for the ECW Tag Team Championship

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