candice lerae
Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for WW

Candice LeRae Invites Tegan Nox To Dinner, Rhea Ripley Challenges Martinez To A Steel Cage Match

Candice LeRae Wants To Patch Things Up With Tegan Nox

Candice LeRae came to NXT tonight in an apparent mission of friendship. During the night, Nox came out to the ring to offer an olive branch to Tegan Nox, saying that she’d like to patch things up with the superstar. While it remains to be seen if LeRae is actually trying to be friendly with Nox, she did invite the superstar to her home for dinner, so we’ll likely see the result of that soon enough.

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Rhea Ripley Challenges Martinez To A Steel Cage Match

Rhea Ripley has had it with Mercedes Martinez, and is ready to take her on in a brutal Steel Cage match. During tonight’s episode of NXT, Ripley delivered a message to Martinez, challenging her to a match in a steel cage because she’s sick and tired of her. Wasting no time, Martinez accepted the challenge, and it’s been set for next week’s episode of NXT.