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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Walter In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner where today we take a look at the new Mattel WWE Elite Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Walter!

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Photo Credit: Powerslam TV (Click here and use the code ‘WRESTLEZONE’ to get a FREE MONTH!)

The Packaging

Walter is packaged very similarly to the Ringside exclusive Edgeheads set that came out recently. It’s the same box shape that is very colorful. It has an open front so you can see Walter with his coat, hands and UK title. The front features Walter’s name as well as the Ringside Exclusive logo and some fun flame designs that go around the box. The sides feature different images of Walter while the back talks about his victory over Pete Dunne at NXT TakeOver.

The Figure

This figure of Walter, mind you is also his very first one in the line, looks fantastic. While he has a very old school, simple look, Mattel really knocked this out of the park in that his build and look is just so unique compared to any other figure. He has his menacing head scan followed by his black trunks with the white stripes and “Ring General” logo on the back. Then lastly his socks and black boots with the white laces. The build on this figure is just so unique that it makes the figure look really awesome, which is probably why people want it so much besides the fact it’s his very first action figure. I believe they used a Samoa Joe torso for him and it works perfect. He also comes with flat, open hands to recreate chopping poses if you desire to slap your other figures around.

The Accessories

Walter also comes with the UK title and his entrance coat as mentioned prior. Looking at the UK title first it is very detailed, much like the one that came with Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate, but this one is dull and honestly looks more realistic because of it. The red accents on it look really nice, too. While the belt does look great, it unfortunately is too small to fit around his waist. I wish they made a bigger strap for him as unfortunately you can’t put it around his waist.

Thankfully Mattel gave Walter a cloth coat instead of a rubber one, which does make this figure that much better and more desirable. Everyone pretty much loves when Mattel makes cloth goods as it makes the figures that much better and more appealing to display. The front has the huge, white collar sewn on the front while the back features his “Ring General” logo. The coat fits him well and truly makes him great to display with his hands behind his back.

Lastly, he also comes with a cardboard backdrop of his entrance, which is a cool display piece. It’s actually a trifold that unfolds to display the whole entrance ramp with his titantron on it. This is also similar to the Edgeheads set with the stage background.


Overall, this figure is really nice for a simple guy. I honestly don’t know much about Walter but man Mattel did a fantastic job with his figure. I am a sucker for unique looking figures like this and the cloth coat and overall packaging is just such a nice touch. If you’re a fan or simply want to complete your WWE roster I highly recommend picking this up. Be sure to grab one before it sells out as I’m sure this will be highly sought after since he was in such high demand for awhile now.

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