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IMPACT Wrestling Results (2/9/21)

This week on IMPACT Wrestling, The Good Brothers will defend their World Tag Team Championships against James Storm and Chris Sabin. Plus, ODB returns to singles action as she faces Kimber Lee!

IMPACT Wrestling, February 9, 2020

Commentators: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown


Josh Alexander, Trey Miguel, Suicide & Willie Mack vs. Blake Christian, Chris Bey, Daivari & Ace Austin

Blake Christian and Josh Alexander start it off. BC twirls, but gets bodyslammed. Tag to Ace. Alexander downs Ace for an ankle lock, but Ace rolls only to get his knee bounced. Tag to Trey and Alexander pops him on top of Ace. He Manhattan drops Ace who thenmakes the tag to Bey. Big dropkick by him to Trey, but Miguel gets blind tagged by Suicide. Butt slam by Suicide on Bey (“my hole!”). Bey goes to the outside and Ace Austin finds himself thrown onto his partner. Mack becomes the legal man and Bey tags in Daivari who corners Mack. Samoan Drop by Mack. He goes for a standing moonsault, but Daivari gets his knees up. Daivari turns Willie inside out with a clothesline and Bey gets the tag again. Soon covers Willie for two. Ace gets the tag and leg drops Willie for a two.

Willie is isolated and Blake tags himself in. Snapmare to a massive dropkick to the back of Willie’s head for two.  Big chinlock by Daivari on Willie. Willie fights off but Daivari does down him. Daivari leaps off fonly to eat Willie’s boots. Hot tag to Trey. Big offense from him and very unique. Chris Bey has to break up the submission attempt. Alexander gets in and double suplexes Daivari and and Bey. He catches Ace in an ankle lock but BC comes leaping off with a 450. Willie Mack then levels both BC and Ace. Another Samoan Drop to Ace and then hits a Chocolate Thunder. Mack and Daivari knock one another out of the ring. It’s Bey and Austin double-teaming Suicide, but Suicide levels them both. He goes to whip BC, but Christian avoids and takes it to Trey and Suicide. Springboard flatliner for a two count.

He hangs Trey over the ropes goes for a flipping senton., but Trey rolls through and locks in the hourglass hold for the submission win.

WINNERS: Trey Miguel, Willie Mack, Suicide and Josh Alexander

Post-match, Sami hacks himself onto the big screen to “congratulate” Trey. He’s curious when Trey will flake out again. He might as well save us the embarrassment and just quit now. Trey isn’t pleased and yells in anger. Up next is ODB.

A great deal of IMPACT faces new and old wish Tommy Dreamer a happy 50th birthday.


Kimber Lee (with Susan and Deonna Purrazzo) vs. ODB

The two circle one another before having a stare down. Kimber goes for a powder. She gets back in and mocks ODB’s taunts. Two chest bumps from ODB knocks Lee down. She catches the boot of KL and splits her down before kicking her. ODB is in control until Lee chops her in the corner, but ODB fires back. Chest slaps to Lee. Striker mentions the competitive nature between IMPACT and AEW as ODB catches Lee with an elbow. ODB goes for her “Dirty Dozen” turnbuckle move but Lee whips her down. A lotus lock to ODB, but she rolls back on the shoulders for a pin attempt. Lee keeps ODB grounded and tosses ODB’s bandana. Lee chokes ODB in the corner before slamming her head intot the adjacent turnbuckle. Susan and Deonna attack ODB on the outside and we go to break.

ODB knocks Kimber down with shoulder blocks before delivering a bronco buster. Cover for a near fall. Lee elbows her back, but ODB does catch her with the Dirty Dozen. Chest press for a very close fall. Split-legged jawbreaker by Lee and then a sidewalk slam. Lee climbs up top, but ODB presses her off. Susan and Deonna get on the apron, but out comes Jordynne Grace and Jazz. They brawl it out on the outside. Susan throws both her shoes at her foes and ODB dives on top of them. She slides back into the ring only to get rolled up by an opossum playing Lee for the three.

WINNER: Kimber Lee

We’re at Swinger’s Casino and Fallah Bahh has no money, but only  cookie. He can’t get a loan so he gets kicked out (without his cookie). Swinger hits on Alisha Edwards despite her being married and all. He calls himself Terry Taylor.

Backstage, Susan is stressed out by the presence of Jazz, ODB and Jordynne. Deonna assures her all will be well. Susan wants to go talk to Scott D’Amore and make a six-person tag at No Surrender, but Lee and Deonna aren’t very much in favor.

Cousin Jake comes out to the ring. He really thought he had it all figured out, but now Cody Deaner is a part of VBD. Now Jake thinks that there may be another path. As he continues to deliberate, out comes VBD.

Eric Young wants Jake to be the real him. Be the best version of “Jake.” This is the momen t he takes back his life. Jake throws down his old vest and holds the VBD towel in his hand. He stands for something. He stands for Jake Something. He attacks all of VBD and they gang up on him. They wedge a chair onto his head. Cody stops EY from exacting violence, but he actually wants to do the honors. EY says Jake made the biggest mistake of his life: him and Deaner at No Surrender.

Rohit is with Sheera. They go way back and this Saturday at No Surrender there will be no mercy for him.  The X-Division Title will go back to where it belongs: “With me.”

The two Tonys are at TIAA Field in Jacksonville. They bring up KENTA’s invasion. The forbidden door is now open, but what is the forbidden door? Tony K. doesn’t know what the forbidden door is, but he figures out that the forbidden door is him! They did great ratings last week with IMPACT and NJPW people! Tony S. runs down tomorrow’s card.

The Good Brothers realize that James Storm and Chris Sabin are good, but one thing that they aren’t are the tag champs, nor the Good Brothers. They’re gonna do what they do best: beat up Storm and Sabin! They’re gonna get a 1-2-3 and a just “too sweet.”


Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) vs. Nevaeh (with Havok)

Bell rings and the two trade shots after Kiera talks trash. Snapmare by Neveah. Low level clothesline. Kick out at one. Backslide for a two count. Big clothesline and another two count. Neveah gets tripped over the second ropes and then gets choked. Kiera covers for a two. Hard kinfe edge chop by Neveah. Kiera goes for a roundhouse, but she misses and gets hit with a running knee strike. Neveah forearms Kiera back before slamming her down for a two count.

Later on. Kiera takes Nevaeh out but the two eventually duke it out with shots. Big kick from Nevaeh. Lax cover by Nevaeh gets a two. Kiera small packages for a two of her own. Nevaeh goes for a suplex but Kiera holds onto the ropes. STO by Nevaeh. Steelz comes into the ring and the ref calls for the bell.

WINNER: Nevaeh

MJF, Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Eddie Kingston, Taz, The Young Bucks and Santana & Ortiz all wish Tommy Dreamer a happy 50th.

Fire & Flava are very upset about the Nevaeh decision and tell D’Amore just that. He reveals that Brandon Toll (the ref) will not officiate their No DQ Tag Titles match at No Surrender this Saturday.

XXXL and Tenille Dashwood are in the ring. Even though he was jailed, he doesn’t have it in his heart to lay hands on a woman, but Tenille will do that for Rosemary. Tenille questions the name of “Decay.” Kaleb with a K is so jealous he won’t be in action at No Surrender but does issue a challenge to anyone of Decay. Out come Decay and Rosemary reveals an opponent for him. She introduces Black Taurus from AAA.


Kaleb with a K vs. Black Taurus

Black Taurus powers KwaK with  pop-up Samoan Drop. Spinning spike slam for the W.

WINNER: Black Taurus

Brian Myers is shown paying off Hernandez. He wants paid up front for the tag match at No Surrender. Myers says half up front and half after they win. Fallah Bahh watches from behind


IMPACT World Tag Team Championships

James Storm & Chris Sabin vs. The Good Brothers (c)

It’s Sabin and Anderson starting matters off. Big arm drag downs Karl. Tag to Storm who leaps off with an axe handle on Karl’s arm. Knee drop for a two count. He wrenches Karl’s arm and tags Sabin in again. Chris then does a reverse arm whip. Double back elbow to Anderson. In comes Gallows but BeerGuns lariats him out and we go to commercial break.

Anderson feeling the offense of Storm and Sabin. Snapmare by Storm. Sabin tags himself in and elbows Anderson before cornering him. Anderson gets him to his own corner and tags in Gallows. Hard whip into the corner Doc does to Sabin. Big elbow drops onto Sabin and Storm has to break it all up. Anderson soon gets the tag in and headlocks Sabin on the mat.

Out comes Private Party with Matt Hardy and they stand on stage. Gallows yells at them and Sabin gives him an enziguri. Tag to Storm and he’s the hot tag baby. Neckbreaker to Anderson after a Manhattan drop to Gallows. Headscissors takedown to Karl. Lung blower. Sabin goes for the cover, but Private Party interfere.  Bell rings and it’s a DQ W.

WINNERS: Sabin and Storm

Backstage, Matt Hardy notes Private Party “eliminated” Sabin and Cowboy as D’Amore comes in. He suggests his boys kind of crossed the line here with that interference. He’s got a problem because they spoiled the party for Sabin and Storm.  He reveals that it’s a three way dance this weekend at No Surrender!

Tommy Dreamer & Rich Swann Contract Signing

In the ring, it’s D’Amore, Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer. Scott notes that Saturday may be No Surrender, but it’s also Tommy Dreamer’s 50th birthday. Swann first happily signs the contract. Dreamer grabs the mic. He thanks both Swann and Scott for the opportunity and notes that there are so many men and women in the back that deserve this more than him. Tommy notes that he first defeated Taz for his first World Title and then he defeated another friend in Christian for his second. Dreamer tells Swann there is no holes in his offense, but there is holes in his defense. He notes Swann’s bad leg and he says he will come for it. Moose’s music hits. He says Rich is supposed to be a fighting champion, but to Moose it looks like he’s taking the night off because he’s fighting a 50-year-old man. D’Amore settles him down and warns him about potentially being suspended. Moose has no reason to interfere because he knows he can beat both of them. He says he’s the real world champion. Swann begins arguing with him and Tommy tells them both to shut the hell up. Dreamer brings up a July 2020 text from Moose, one that credits him for still being tough. He’s proud of the work Moose has been doing, but he still doesn’t get it. Dreamer doesn’t wrestle for money anymore, he wrestles for people and the dreamers in the back. He’ll keep on fighting. 50 years ago he knows that a Dreamer was born and there’s dreamers backstage. He’ll keep fighting for good. He wants to spread good throughout this world. For three hours, he wants peope to forget about the problems in this world. He accepts the match (he signs the contract). Then he shakes Swann’s hand.