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Randy Orton Names Potential WWE Hall Of Fame Inductors, Jokes John Cena Could Do It Virtually From Hollywood

Randy Orton is a sure-fire first-ballot WWE Hall of Famer… but who would be the one to induct him into the Hall?

WWE RAW star Randy Orton recently spoke with Adam’s Apple and discussed his future Hall of Fame induction and named a certain 17-time World Champion as his potential inductor. Orton joked that he’s not sure Cena could be pulled away from Hollywood long enough to do the induction ceremony, but maybe they could do a virtual appearance.

“My wife actually just brought that up the other day and we were thinking about it and we didn’t know who could be the guy,” Orton said. “Hunter came up, Cena came up, Flair came up… I don’t know if I’d be able to get Cena to come in from Hollywood to do it, maybe he could do it virtually, I don’t know.”

Randy Orton is set to team with Riddle against Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens as well as RAW Tag Team Champions Alpha Academy on tonight’s edition of Monday Night RAW.

AEW star and one-half of FTR, Dax Harwood, recently appeared on The Sessions with Renée Paquette and spoke highly of Orton, who he said was someone that went to bat for him in WWE in a big way.

“There was no one else in WWE who fought harder for us than Randy. Maybe Roman [Reigns] was a close second but Randy fought super hard for us,” admitted Dax. “The whole FTRKO thing wasn’t supposed to be a thing but it worked, we worked together. So, we worked a few house shows together and he was so impressed with myself and Dan being able to call stuff in the ring and we got along on the tour buses and stuff and it was just easy. I think he’s a wrestling fan, he sees that we’re huge wrestling fans, so we bonded over that. We asked him questions about his dad, and he saw how hard we worked, so he loved that. It’s so weird because of who he is and what he is and who we are and what we are, you’d think that we’re polar opposites, and maybe we are, but it made for a great friendship.”

Read more about Dax’s thoughts on working with Orton and Edge in WWE, including training for “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” at this link.

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