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Paul Wight Shares How The Undertaker Influenced Part Of His Ring Gear

Paul Wight understands that the wrestling business has to evolve on television; whether that means velcro on championships or zippers on boots is up to you.

All Elite Wrestling’s Paul Wight recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about how he feels about velcro on championship titles, Wight shifted the discussion to zippers on wrestling boots.

“Ah, it’s TV, I guess at this point, whatever works,” Paul Wight said. “I’m the same guy that 15 years ago went to zippers in my boots, and you thought I committed to Holy atrocity. But when I saw Undertaker’s boots were zippered, I went out and got zippers in my boots. Because before that, you had to lace up your boots. And then I found, oh, you can put a zipper in it too. I’m in! Because when you lace up 50, 60 eyelets every single night. I used to have calluses on my pinky fingers. Like big thick calluses from pulling up laces overnight on my boots like this, but it was an honor and a pleasure, but now the business evolves on TV you want to, I would trust the snap buttons before I personally would trust velcro but velcro works, good for them. business evolves, the business changes.”

Wight’s appearance was in conjunction with his new film Marcus, where he serves as a producer and actor. Wight spoke about how he got involved in the project and how landing a more dramatic role can help his resume down the line.

“It’s funny, originally being part of this project was just to help produce it and get this project going. I met the director and read the script and knew the message Marcus was going for, I was like yeah, I’d like to be part of this and get this going,” Wight said. “Then there was an opportunity for a role in the picture and I read the script and said I’d like to try Gus [his character]. It is a very serious role, but Gus is a very important component to Marcus because Gus is actually one of the interactions Marcus has with in trying to really understand Marcus in his own way and trying to be supportive, but really doesn’t know how to understand Marcus.

“For me, yes it’s a security guard role, but at the same time,” Wight explained, “there’s a lot more depth to the character and to the plot line of the story. I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do that!’ because in acting, I want to push myself and my boundaries and try to find things that you would typically not see me doing.

Wight said that sometimes it’s hard to find those roles because the writers and directors typically can’t see him fitting the bill, but maybe getting more dramatic content on his resume will open more doors in the future.

Marcus is in theaters and digital on July 15, 2022.

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