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Baron Black Reflects On Classic Bout vs. Rey Fenix, Has ‘Game Film’ For Lil Scrappy

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Baron Black, who gave his Battle Slam: The TakeOver opponent, Lil Scrappy, some of his best matches to review as “game film” for their match.

“[Lil’ Scrappy] might wanna watch as much film as he possibly can because I’ve been doing for over ten years now. This is gonna be his first time, so I definitely have the advantage and I’m definitely gonna exploit that,” Black stated. “I think any of my previous work on AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation. Matches right off the top of my head this year, when I wrestled Bandido at TERMINUS 1, Jay Lethal at TERMINUS 2.

“Whether it be the matches I had at Battle Slam, when I wrestled Lee Moriarty or some independent matches I had with Chris Bey, which was back in February this year, or even the classic that everybody talks about still to this day, me versus Rey Fenix from AEW Dark about a year ago. That match is always in my mentions consistently. I had a lot of great ones on Dark and that’s probably the first match I would tell people that haven’t seen anything yet,” Black noted, “check out that one first and then check out the rest of them. I had a lot of great ones. JD Drake, Danny Limelight, QT Marshall, Matt Sydal, the list goes on and on.”

Check out some free-to-watch full-length matches from Baron Black’s career, including the aforementioned matches with Jay Lethal and Lee Moriarty, as well as his first win in AEW against Brandon Cutler.

Baron Black vs. Brandon Cutler

AEW Dark: Elevation — July 25, 2022

Baron Black vs. Lee Moriarty

Battle Slam: Vendetta — April 24, 2022

Baron Black vs. Jay Lethal

Terminus 2 — February 24, 2022

Baron Black vs. Rey Fenix 

AEW Dark — January 26, 2021

Baron Black vs. Alex Kane

New South “Action Clash” — July 24, 2021



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