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CM Punk Asks Adam Pearce To Lift Drew McIntyre’s Suspension, Seth Rollins Threatens To Take Him Out

CM Punk wants to get revenge on Drew McIntyre, but Seth Rollins has threatened to take him out.

The feud between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre has reached new heights in recent months. Punk cost Drew McIntyre his world title match at WWE Clash at the Castle. After McIntyre took Punk out with a brutal attack on the June 28 episode of WWE SmackDown, Punk cost McIntyre again at WWE Money in the Bank. Punk ran in and took the fight to McIntyre when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, and Damian Priest capitalized by pinning McIntyre.

CM Punk then came to the ring on the July 8 episode of WWE RAW and expressed his excitement. He first congratulated and thanked John Cena before he reiterated that he wanted to face Cena one more time before he retired. He brought up how McIntyre got suspended for his actions at WWE Money in the Bank. Punk said that he came back to get his hands on McIntyre, and he wanted to teach McIntyre that his actions had consequences.

Punk detailed the road up to this point and repeated his promise that McIntyre would never again be a world champion as long as there was air in his lungs. He said that he wanted to get his hands on McIntyre. Punk asked Adam Pearce to lift McIntyre’s suspension so he could fight McIntyre, but Seth Rollins answered instead.

Seth Rollins Confronts CM Punk

Punk left the ring, and Rollins wondered if Punk was afraid that he would kick his ass. Punk told Rollins that he gave him a warning last time, so he should watch what he said. Rollins said he was out there because he wanted Punk to help him understand why Punk decided to do the one thing he told him not to by sticking his nose in his business at WWE Money in the Bank. Punk replied by saying that he was handling his business.

Punk then apologized to Rollins and said he didn’t mean to screw anything up for him. However, he said that he couldn’t be that sorry because it was Rollins.

Rollins said that Punk had never sincerely apologized for anything, and he would let him be a “selfish bastard” anywhere else, but he would not let it slide now that Punk cost him the title. He told Punk that it was his turn to take from Punk. Rollins promised Punk that when he was cleared, he would snap his arm and put him back on the shelf. He told Punk that actions had consequences.

Update: Pearce later said that he would arrange a meeting with McIntyre next week, but he told CM Punk to go home so he could deal with Drew.

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