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Photo Credit: WWE

Johnny Gargano Highlights The Crazy Sequence Of Events Needed For DIY To Win The WWE Tag Team Titles

One of the most successful stars in NXT was Three-time NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano. He is the first person to become a Triple Crown Champion in NXT.

Back in January, Johnny Gargano and his tag team partner Tommaso Ciampa were fighting other teams in the Raw roster to get a chance to win the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships. During that time, the former NXT World Champion took to Twitter to share a picture of the vintage WWE Tag Team Championship titles and shared that they were his favorite title belt design.

“I’ve been watching a ton of old matches lately to prepare for our first shot at the WWE Tag Titles tomorrow night… The winged eagle is my favorite title of all time.. but these are my absolute favorite tag titles. The ? Tag Title design!” Johnny Gargano tweeted.

On the eve of the Money In The Bank PLE, at SmackDown, Johnny Gargano finally got the opportunity to call himself a champion on WWE’s main roster. He and Tommaso Ciampa wrestled Austin Theory and Grayson Waller in a championship match. After a tough fight, DIY managed to pick up the win and became the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

Almost four days since capturing the tag titles, Gargano took to Twitter to recall his tweet from January and how he is now holding a title similar to his favorite design.

“I put that post out into the universe 6 months ago while we were still on RAW. The sequence of events that needed to happen to lead to us winning THESE titles (that didn’t exist at the time) that 100% remind me of the ones in the photo I posted is pretty crazy…,” Johnny Gargano tweeted.

Are you happy to see DIY as the champions?