Reason Behind Tonight’s Seemingly Strange WWE Raw Booking, Main Event Segment & More, WWE Posts New Gallery of “Every Diva Ever”

Reason Behind Strange Raw Booking

wwe raw previewA lot of our readers have sent in questions on social media, wondering why the booking and order of tonight’s WWE Raw seemed so unusual. For those that didn’t catch the show live, Mark Henry and Rusev were used in the final slot of the night promoting their Night of Champions match, and apart from a physical confrontation, nothing particularly noteworthy occurred. 

As we noted earlier tonight, the reason why the card seemed a bit strange was that WWE was trying to draw viewers during halftime of the NFL Monday Night Football game. A segment between Brock Lesnar and John Cena was promoted heavily throughout the night, and the producers actually filled between 15 and 20 minutes with commercials, backstage segments and promotional spots waiting for the Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles game to go to halftime. 

Traditionally WWE draws its best rating in the second hour, especially during football season where there’s a lot of fans changing between the two. While it may seem odd to feature what would normally be a midcard segment in the main event spot – even allowing them to go 15 minutes past the top of the hour – the idea of putting all their strongest segments and matches into the highest drawing spots could be a decent strategy. We hope to have ratings and viewership information tomorrow night, as well as complete WWE Smackdown spoilers, so we should have a better feel for how the unconventional booking decisions panned out for the company. 

WWE Publishes “Every Diva Ever” has published a new photo gallery that showcases every WWE Diva that has ever been employed by the company.