Impact Wrestling Results (11/9) Eddie Edwards Defends The GHC Title, Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron Battle, And More!

Impact Wrestling Results – 11/09/17Impact Wrestling Results

November 9th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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In Ring Segment: Impact Champion Eli Drake w/Chris Adonis

Adonis demands that the crowd shows some respect for him and the face of Impact Wrestling, Eli Drake. Drake says Bound for Glory went exactly how he said it would. Drake called his shot like Babe Ruth. Johnny Impact had it in his head that he would walk out of BFG as Impact Champion. Impact had another thing coming. The only thing that got in Drake’s way was Alberto El Patron. El Patron wanted to put his mark on the Impact title. All El Patron did was put Drake’s mark on it (Drake points to a spot of blood on the title). Dude to Drake’s injuries he isn’t going to be competing tonight. Impact management has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find Drake’s next challenger. They are going to throw some poop at the wall and see what sticks.

Drake starts to run down Canada. Petey Williams comes out on the stage and tells Drake that he isn’t going to try to stop Drake from leaving. Why? Because no one wants Drake here anyway. Drake says he beat everyone but he has never beaten Williams. Williams challenges Drake to a match for the title. Drake tells Willaims that he can have a match… but not tonight. Maybe next week. Williams says management may have given Drake the night off, but he didn’t. Williams charges the ring. Adonis tries to cut him off but Williams kicks Adonis in the chest. Williams hits a Russian leg sweep on Drake. Williams sets up the Canadian Destroyer but Adonis pulls Drake out of the ring.

Backstage, Impact pulls up in a sports car. Impact looks to be quite perturbed, to say the least.