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Sami Callihan Views Moose As The Jar Jar Binks Of Pro Wrestling

sami callihan
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Sami Callihan isn’t a fan of his two opponents at Victory Road.

Callihan spoke with WrestleZone ahead of his Barbed Wire Massacre match at Victory Road where he will face Moose and Steve Maclin. Callihan has referred to the latter as “Soldier Boy” in recent weeks, which some fans would associate with Amazon’s hit series The Boys

Since debuting in IMPACT Wrestling, Maclin has also worn gear and facepaint that channels Marvel’s Frank Castle (The Punisher), so Callihan was asked which character he’d use to combat Maclin’s comic book parallel.

“You’re giving me a good question. If we could have a DC crossover, I’m the Penguin 100 percent of the time,” Callihan said. “From the Marvel universe? That’s a hard one because I don’t think I tie in that well with a Marvel character. I’m a huge Marvel fan but when you really think about it… I don’t know, maybe at this point, call me Doctor Strange because I figure out a way around stuff and I always fix things.”

What about Callihan’s other Barbed Wire Massacre opponent, Moose?

“Whatever the dumbest character on the entire planet is, that’s who Moose would be. He is the stupidest person I have ever had to deal with in the wrestling business. He just thinks of these dumb ideas in his head that just aren’t true,” Callihan quipped. “If you listen to him talk on television, that’s exactly how he is in real life and he’s insufferable.

“So who is really, really dumb in the Marvel universe? You might as well call him Jar Jar Binks [from the Star Wars universe] because that’s how I feel about Moose,” he added. “Everyone hates him! Disney owns Star Wars and Marvel, I can make it work.”

Callihan then spoke about how easy Moose has had it and said he doesn’t want to think about what would happen if Moose actually won Barbed Wire Massacre.

“Moose, you’ve had everything handed to you since day one. I don’t think [he’s] ever had to really struggle since getting into the wrestling industry. You went right from college into the NFL, you went right from the NFL to being signed to a wrestling contract. He hasn’t had to struggle like a guy like me and actually fight and scratch and claw to get to where I am. So to have someone like Moose beat me in Barbed Wire Massacre is my worst nightmare come true.”

Check out our full interview with Sami Callihan at the top of this post. IMPACT Wrestling’s Victory Road event takes place on Friday, September 23 in Nashville, and it is also available to watch on FITE.

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