Bray Wyatt
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Collector’s Corner: Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Mattel WWE Elite Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the brand-new Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Mattel WWE Elite Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt action figure!

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The Packaging

The packaging for Bray is very similar to that of the Edgeheads Exclusive that recently came out. This one has the Firefly Funhouse logos on the front that also opens like barn doors to reveal the figure and puppets within. The sides feature Bray on one side and the puppets on the other with a small bio about Bray and the puppets on the back. The top of the box also features the typical Ringside Exclusive logo and Mattel logo on it.

The Figure

Bray’s received a lot of backlash as collectors expected him to have a lot of new sculpting and molding to give him a properly molded shirt than what seems like a painted on, skin-tight sweater. Besides the shirt debacle, Bray features his latest smiling head scan with his hair up, his tribal tattoo on the back of his neck, his red sweater, swappable hands and his black pants with shoes with designs on it.

Overall, while the shirt is a little annoying, it’s not a full deal breaker for me as they did recreate his sweater without the collar on it, but I much would’ve rather had him in the collared sweater and khaki pants.

The Puppets

The puppets are the huge draw to this exclusive as it’s their very first release in the line and could possibly be their only release. They look pretty nice and detailed, but the only one missing is Huskus. Huskus is rumored to come with a future Elite Bray Wyatt figure, but that has yet to be confirmed by Mattel. That being said, each puppet is very detailed and is also hollowed out so you can put them on Bray’s hands. To do this, though, you need to remove Bray’s hands as these can’t fit over his actual hands, but they do fit snug on his wrists.

Overall, I like the puppets as I think most of them look great, but the only one I’m a bit confused about is the Vince puppet as it looks a lot smaller and different than I recall it looking as of late, but perhaps this is what it looked like earlier on when they debuted. Regardless, they are really cool accessories and may possibly be the only way to ever own them so don’t miss out on them.

The Backdrop

Lastly, we have the Funhouse backdrop that also comes in the box behind the figures. This unfolds to reveal a full backdrop of the Funhouse where you can open the door as well as part of the window, Mercy’s box and a hole in the wall for Ramblin Rabbit.

Overall, while the holes are great to put the puppets in these spots, the holes are a bit big and it looks a little odd if displayed like so. The floor is also part of the backdrop, which also looks goofy as the door doesn’t open from the bottom, just from the “floor” up. If the floor wasn’t part of the backdrop I think it would display a lot better, but regardless it’s a great display piece for people displaying than using for play.


Overall, I’m a huge fan of Bray so I was very excited for this to release. I agree the outfit and figure as a whole is not the most exciting one for Bray like his recent Basic 111 figure, but it still gets the job done. Perhaps Mattel will release another sweater Bray in the future as he has worn other ones. Whether or not this happens I do recommend this one so you can get all the puppets for your collection. My other real complaint is displaying mint you have to break the seal on the front to see him in the box than being velcro like their Undertaker as Kane exclusive, just something to keep in mind if you are a mint collector.